Why Do Cats Eat Grass?



How To Train My Cat

Cat eating grass - How to train a cat
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Why does my cat eat grass?

If your cat eats grass it is perfectly normal, you don’t need to worry. That is, if they aren’t eating it incessantly, in which case you should get a vet to do a checkover. But occasionally eating grass is absolutely fine. 

Cats eat grass to induce vomiting

Many people think that a cat eats grass to make themselves vomit if they have an upset tummy. While your cat may vomit, he probably doesn’t do it every time, and if he does then you need tp check with your vet. Most times your cat eats grass they won’t vomit, and that’s fine. As a rule of thumb, if he vomits more than once a week it is time to seek help.

However, cats lack the enzymes to break down grass, so they may on occasion use it to induce vomiting. Cats hunt, and may end up with fur or feathers in their stomachs which they can’t digest. In this case they may eat grass to induce vomiting to clear out the indigestable material.


Cats eat grass for vitamins

Cats are smart; they may be snacking on grass to improve their vitamin levels. Grass contains folic acid, which is beneficial to them by increasing oxygen in their blood. Some people suggest that cats eat grass to help ease a sore throat, but there’s no evidence for that.

Probably, your cat eats grass because he enjoys it. Nice and fresh, great taste and texture! 

Cats eat grass to speed up digestion

If your cat hunts and then devours its catch this can cause problems for them. As the animals they hunt are small, tour cat will be eating small bones along with feathers or fur. These may not be able to pass through a cat’s digestive tract easily, so your cat may be using grass as a laxative.

Cat eating catnip - how to train a cat

Cats love catnip and cat grass

Drop into your local plant shop and buy your cat a treat: a pot of cat grass or catnip.

Catnip gives the cat a sense of euphoria, and the effect has been compared to that of a hallucogenic drug on humans.

Cats will often paw at catnip, roll in it, lick it and sometimes chew it. They may also act a bit crazily and meow, growl, drool and purr. Its only for a few minutes, then the effects of the wear off, and cats will ignore  the catnip for at least two hours, after whicyh they may be interested in it again and have the same reaction. 

Watch out for chemicals on the grass

Having catnip or cat grass available for your cat will make it less likely that they will eat other grass which may have been sprayed with checmical or fertilisers. 

So give them a treat – some catnip will make their day!