Tricks to teach a cat

How to train my cat

Can cats learn tricks?

Yes! Cats can learn lot of tricks, some useful others just plain funny. Who wouldn’t like a cat who gives them a high five?

Cats want to please their owners (especially if there is a cat treat involved!) and they love the attention that comes with their display of feline excellence.

Training your cat to do tricks is different to training a dog. Cats respond to positive reinforcement, like getting  a treat when they get things right. They don’t respond to punishment and will run away from it.

What tricks can my cat learn?

All kinds of tricks. Some – like Sit, Stay and In the Box make your life easier. Others help with bonding and companionship, like Gentle and Jump Up.

Some are just for fun, like Roll Over and High Five. And some, like Find test your cat’s brain, keep him amused and alert, and stop him getting bored.

Cats love doing tricks – just watch how they will use them to get your attention. Imagine when you walk in the door, being greeted by a cat who rushes towards you and plays Roll Over right in front of you so that you can praise him and pat him. Mine does – and I love it!

When my pussycat boards at the vet, the staff their say that he sits up and begs when they go past, waiting for them to notice him and make a fuss of him. He’s a bit of a show-off because he loves the attention he gets.

List of cat tricks

  • Sit and Stay
  • Beg / Sit Up
  • Gentle
  • Find / Seek
  • Rollover
  • High Five
  • Come / Come Here
  • In The Box / Into  The Carrier
  • Jump Up
  • Wave Goodbye

How to start training your cat

Clicker training is probably the easiest way to get your cat to learn tricks. A cat clicker is  a hand-held plastic device that you can ‘click’ whenever your cat does the behaviour you want.

The first thing to do is to get your kitty to associate the cound of the clicker with a treat.

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Cat Kneading

Cat behavior Kneading

It’s all good! Happy cats knead to show pleasure. Cats often knead when they are being petted or before settling down for a nap. They may also knead you if they are sitting in your lap!

It’s nothing to worry about. It is normal behavior from when they were kittens and had to knead to get milk from their mother.

Take it as a compliment – your cat thinks you are his Mommy !

Cats in Boxes

Cats love getting into small spaces, like boxes, baskets even drawers and cupboards.

Why? Because they feel safe and secure in them. They can watch and observe while feeling protected. They can ambush from them, which is another natural cat behavior.

Often it looks really uncomfortable but cats don’t seem to mindl

Cat behaviour hiding in box

Abnormal Cat Behaviour

Cat behaviors to worry about

List of cat behavior to worry about coming soon.

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