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Hi! I’m Erica.

Years ago, when I was in first year university, as part of the psychology course I had to train a rat – a nice white lab rat, not a nasty big street rat.

I trained him to press a lever to get a drink, and then only when the green light was on, and only at one end of the cage.

What really surprised me was how easy it was, and I just assumed that it must be easy to train anything – cats, dogs, kids – if you went about it in the right way.

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Rats to cats

This is Monty Cat, my current cat, when he was a very cute kitten. As you can see, he loves to be around me when I am working. He’s a very sociable cat, he just loves people and always wants to be part of what is going on.
When I have friends round he always comes to join us, and sits and listens just as though he were human!
Naturally I trained Monty Cat too. He comes when called, sits up, rolls over, and does high fives, and other tricks that you can teach your cat. He never goes on the furniture unless he knows he is allowed on it (like the TV sofa). He would never dream of getting on the white leather sofas – people can’t believe I have leather sofas that don’t have a single claw mark!

Rats to cats to children!

When my children came along, I had the best-behaved kids on the block just by using the same methods. Don’t worry, I didn’t starve them of water or anything, I was just very clear and consistent about what was allowed, what wasn’t allowed and the consequences if they did it.

They had a great childhood with lots of fun because they know exactly what the rules were and what happened if they didn’t follow them. They knew that life were much better for everyone when they behaved! They got to travel the world while they were still young, and do all sorts of things that other children didn’t get to do because their parents thought it would be too much hassle.

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Monty cat and me

Cat behavior Kneading

When I come home Monty Cat rushes up to me and rolls on his back to play rollover to welcome me home.

He follows me around, and ‘chats’ to me, then looks pointedly at the pantry where he knows the cat treats are kept.
When I saw how surprised people were at how well behaved and clever he was, I started researching specifically about cat training. And HowToTrainMyCat.com is the result.
I hope you enjoy it!

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