How to train a cat

to be the purrfect companion

How to train your cat

to come when you call,
be gentle, stay, sit,
walk on a leash.
Just purrfect!
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How To Train a Cat

Most people think that you can’t train a cat to do anything, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Cats are highly intelligent and that’s a great basis for training them. 

How to train your cat? It’s easier than training a dog, although you don’t use the same methods. Cats learn in a different way, but they learn, and they learn quickly if you go about it in the right way.

Does my cat love me?

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What Can I Train My Cat To Do?

You can easily teach a cat to do things to make your life easier (like sitting and staying), things to make them a great companion (like walking beside you on a leash when you are out), and tricks (like sitting up or giving you a high five ) to make you smile – and surprise your friends.

Cats love to please their owners, and it deepens the bond between you and your kitty. They love the attention they get when they ‘perform’.  Some cats are absolute show-offs, doing tricks to get attention if they feel they aren’t getting noticed enough!

Cats are 'fur-teenagers'

If dogs are fur-babies then cats are fur-teenagers!

Cats are more complex, less predictable, and sometimes harder to understand. On the upside though, your little fur-teen is so much more interesting and rewarding to hang out with. Less dependent, less demanding, much funnier – your fur-teen has WAY more personality than any dog! 

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How to train a cat does my cat love me

Does My Cat Love Me?

You love your cat – but do they love you back?

Find out with the ‘How to tell if my cat loves me’ quiz!

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Understanding cat behavior

If you have lived with a kitty for even a short time, you’ll know that cat behavior ranges from cute to amusing to completely loopy!

Knowing which behaviors are normal and natural lets you know that your kitty is happy and well-adjusted. Read more:

How to discipline a cat

If you need to discipline your cat, you must remember that cats are not dogs and you can’t use the same methods.

They are very different animals and don’t learn in the same way. Just as you would use different methods to discipline toddlers and teenagers. Read more:

Tricks to teach cats

Cats can be trained to do many tricks, some very useful, like Sit and In The Box others just funny like High Five.

They want to please their owners, especially if there’s a cat treat! Cats like the attention that comes with their display of feline cleverness. Read more:

Cats are good for you!

Purrfect Companions

Cats are as good as dogs as companions, especially for women. A study has found having a cat in the house is the emotional equivalent of a romantic partner.

Cats Purr

Cats lower your stress levels and the amount of anxiety in your life. You’re 30% less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke. A cat’s purr can lower your blood pressure!

Smart Cats

Cat owners are smarter and more intelligent than dog owners., according to studies by University of Bristol and Wisconsin. But of course! Who’s surprised?

Cat Owners are Nicer

And for guys? 90% of single women said that men who own cats are ‘nicer’ than other guys. So guys, a heads up: time to update your dating profile!

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Cat Fun Facts

Dead Cats

Ancient Egyptians would shave off their eyebrows when their cat died.

Fast Cats

Cats are no slouches – if they feel like it! A house cat can reach a speed of 30 mph.

Sleepy Cats

On the other hand, cats like their rest and spend 70% of their life sleeping!

Talking Cats

Meows are not innate. Cats developed meows to talk to their humans.

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How to train my cat